Information on the animals used for research, testing and teaching in New Zealand in the year 2014.

In 2014 an average of nearly 300 animals are killed every day in New Zealand for research, testing or teaching.

NZAVS often gets queries about the numbers of animals used in New Zealand and how many are killed, what types and who uses them.

The National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee (NAEAC) publishes an annual report that includes information on the animals used in New Zealand for research, testing and teaching (RTT) that used to contain information about the animal use for the pervious year. As of 2015 the statistics are published separately by the Ministry of Primary Industries. We have summarised them here for ease of access as the MPI report presents them in a variety of ways (actual numbers, percentage compared to previous year, number increase/decrease etc.).

This information is for 2014. This is the most recent data available. The 2015 statistics haven“t been properly released yet.

The total numbers increased by 38.5% from the previous year, meaning 86 329 more animals were used in 2014 than in 2013.


Total used: 310 287

Number killed by the end of the RTT: 106 739



Basic biological research: 75 334

Veterinary research: 59 624

Teaching: 52 534

Animal husbandry research: 47 698

Medical research: 29 976

Testing: 21 082

Environmental management research: 15 163

Species conservation: 6114

Other: 2497

Production of biological agents: 199

Development of alternatives: 66


Types of Animals

Amphibia: 771

Birds: 31 588

Cats: 728

Cattle: 75 496

Cephalopods/crustaceans: 4756

Deer: 25 058

Dogs: 1006

Fish: 40 555

Goats: 3176

Guinea pigs: 1864

Horses/donkeys: 237

Marine mammals: 843

Mice: 58 379

Pigs: 724

Possums: 3943

Rabbits: 1445

Rats: 11 807

Reptiles: 325

Sheep: 44 745

Misc. species: 2801


Organisation Type

Universities: 120 445

Commercial organisations: 105 859

Crown Research Institutes: 50 657

Other (commercial medical research, individuals etc.): 16 975

Government departments: 8103

Polytechnics: 5800

Schools: 2448


Source: MPI report on the 2014 year


NAEAC report on the 2014 year

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