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A clear summary of our views on vivisection.

NZAVS campaigns for the abolition of vivisection on the grounds of medical and scientific fraud. The geographical location of where animal experiments are performed is irrelevant; vivisection performed in New Zealand must be banned, and the contracting out of vivisection to overseas vivisectors must be prohibited; as well as for the New Zealand and international regulations to demand that results from animal experiments not be permitted, in matters determining the safety or efficacy for humans, of substances or procedures.

The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society Incorporated has adopted the following principles, written by our Patron, Hans Ruesch, as our policy on vivisection:


CIVIS Principles (Note: CIVIS is the Hans Ruesch centre for information on vivisection)

  • All animal experimentation must be rejected both on ethical and medical grounds.


  • Animal experiments destroy respect for life and harden the experimenter against the suffering of human patients.


  • Experiments on animals are not a proper way to diagnose, research or heal human ailments. The organic, anatomical, biological, metabolic, genetic and psychic differences between humans and animals are so substantial that knowledge obtained from animals is not only worthless but misleading.


  • Animal experiments are carried out only to the advantage of the experimenters themselves, of their commercial backers, and of the laboratory animal breeding industry. They perform an alibi function. There has never been a scientific statistical proof that their results are applicable to human beings.


  • Most of today’s diseases are not organic in origin but have psychological, social, dietary, environmental, and malpractice causes. Official medical science therefore has no causal treatment to offer. It can’t even cure a common cold, rheumatism, arthritis, cancer, nor any other of the millenarian ills, which much rather it has multiplied, adding always new diseases (SMON, Herpes, AIDS). By trying only to get rid of the symptoms, it prevents recognition and elimination of the causes.


  • With its highest consumption of laboratory animals in the world America ‘should’ be the healthiest nation, but it is one of the sickest and ranks only 17th in life expectancy, behind several ‘underdeveloped’ countries where such experimentation is unknown.


  • Health care requires first of all prevention, furthermore the application of one or several disciplines that have been ignored by official medicine because of its obsession with animal experimentation, for example dietetics, psychosomatics, psychotherapy, clinical observation, environmentalism, epidemiology, vegetarianism, rehabilitation, homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, naprapathy, macrobiotics, diathermy, oligotherapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, heliotherapy, aromatherapy, faith healing, herbalism, acupuncture, fasting and more, which have proven effective, and economical to boot.


  • Medicine must concern itself with the entire person, adopt methods that relate to the causes and the patients, instead of a veterinary medicine applied to humans, which at best replaces acute symptoms with chronic illness, but often creates new ills.


  • The veterinary schools must follow the same humane principles: no artificial, violent interventions on healthy animals to inflict maladies and mutilations and to desensitise the students, but careful study and sympathetic treatment of spontaneous diseases and natural accidents.


  • For all these reasons, to demand the total abolition of all animal experimentation is not only possible but necessary.


New Zealanders who are in agreement with these principles and wishing to campaign for the abolition of vivisection on the grounds of medical and scientific fraud are encouraged to become a member of the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society Incorporated (click the join us tab below to sign up!).

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