Together we can let animals live 'Out of the Labs'!

Together we can let animals live 'Out of the Labs'!

Help ex-lab animals by getting involved in the democratic process! Contact your Parliamentary representative and tell them you want to give animals the opportunity to live 'Out of the Labs'!

The ‘Out of the Labs’ petition has been referred to the Primary Production Select Committee!

Now we need your help – it is important that MPs know that you care about this issue! We can make Parliament seriously consider our proposal for the introduction of a mandatory retirement policy for ex-lab animals – but only if we work together!

It is super easy to contact your parliamentary representative to let them know the petition is important to you. Below are some helpful links to get you started.

Currently, over 100,000 animals are euthanised each year immediately after research is completed, and this number does not even include the animals used for breeding purposes! Together we can help these animals find the retirement homes they deserve!

The petition handover was a huge success — but together we can make sure the Government takes this petition seriously — SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR MP TODAY!

Don’t know your electorate? You can put in your address to find it here. Not sure who your MP is? The ‘filtering’ dropbox on the left on this page allows you to show MPs by General or Māori electorate seats, and then you can select your electorate. 

We are also particularly keen to have our supporters from the electorates of the Primary Production Select Committee members to let their MPs know. The members and their electorates are listed below. The Primary Production Select Committee is the group of people who will be making decisions about the ‘Out of the Labs’ petition. If you have friends or family who live in their electorates please encourage them to contact the Select Committee member – they want to be re-elected so the opinions of their constituents are very important to them!

Send Select Committee members an email now!

Who is on the Primary Production Select Committee?

Chairperson: Ian McKelvie, National Party, Rangitīkei electorate

Deputy Chairperson: Todd Barclay, National Party, Clutha-Southland electorate

Chester Burrows, National Party, Whanganui

Steffan Browning, Green Party, List MP

Barbara Kuriger, National Party, Taranaki-King Country

Damien O’Connor, Labour Party, West Coast-Tasman

Richard Prosser, NZ First Party, List MP

Scott Simpson, National Party, Coromandel

Rino Tirikatene, Labour Party, Te Tai Tonga

Let these MPs know that you want animals to live, out of the labs!