Changing the course of animal history one book at a time!

Changing the course of animal history one book at a time!

We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign to get our children's book, 'The Six-Foot Rats' sent to every Primary School and Public Library across NZ!

One of the main reasons animal research is flawed and should end is because we as humans do not respond the same way to drugs or other interventions as animals, including rats. We are just not six-foot-tall rats!

We want to spread this message far and wide, and where better to start than with our children? Children are our future, and if we can change their perceptions and break the current conventional cycle, the next generation will help us see animal experimentation become a dark story in a history book.

So, we have created the kids’ book Six-Foot Rats. The Six-Foot Rats tells the story of two lab rats who come to the realisation that they are being used as rats, to find treatments for humans – an entirely different species! How is that possible?! Humans are not six-foot-rats!

For the future of science and medical advancement, our goal is to have this book in every library in New Zealand and change the course of history...

Thanks to LUSH we already have enough funding for 968 Primary Schools to receive our book! 

There are 2160 school- and 72 public libraries.
It costs $10 for each book to appear in a library.
That means we need $22,320 to get our book into every NZ library. 
Lush has gifted $9,679 towards our project (!!) Which means we still need $12,640

For every $10 donation you give, one book will be sent to a library, and you get the option of having your name on the inside of the front cover: “This book was donated by 'your name'” (action now closed; other ways you can support us here).

The sticker designed by the Author and Illustrator of our book, Rebecca Gibbs that you can get your name on when you donate!

Donate $10, and you are spreading Archie & Monty's message to the community around one library;

Donate $30 to reach three communities;

Donate $100, and we will have ten libraries teaching children the fundamental truth of animal testing:

(action now closed; other ways you can support us here)

Animals are not humans, and it's strange to compare the two! 

Stay tuned for updates and read more about our book here