More Ex-University Animals Are Released Thanks to Our 'Out of the Labs' Campaign!

More Ex-University Animals Are Released Thanks to Our 'Out of the Labs' Campaign!

The first group of animals since the NZAVS and HUHA 'Out of the Labs' campaign win, were offered up for adoption last October by Massey University. 

Now, we've got more great news! Massey University contacted NZAVS and HUHA again to get help with rehoming another group of animals. This time they had a group of 23 young rats who were breed for the purpose of research, testing and teaching but were never used.

Animals like this can be euthanised by institutes who no longer want (or "need") them — there are no rules or regulations stopping this from happening! 

It's promising to see that Massey Unversity is coming forward and giving animals like this a second chance at life. Yes, Massey University uses many animals each year for research, testing and teaching purposes (like most universities in NZ). But unlike any other university, they have directly contacted NZAVS and HUHA to make sure these animals find the best possible homes. 

HUHA has a strict rehoming policy so we can be confident in knowing that these rats will only go to the best homes where they will spend their lives being pampered by their loving, new human parents! 

Today, the 23 rats were picked up from Massey University in Palmerston North. The group is made up of 3 females, 5 males who are 7 weeks old and 9 females and 6 males who are just 4 weeks old. They are now in Wellington, at the HUHA Sanctuary where they will receive appropriate vet care (i.e. get desexed) and will be showered in love and affection. 

Their rehoming process will start soon and there are already over 20 people who have come forward asking to adopt these rats so we don't think it will be long before they are in their new forever homes with their new families. 

All the people who supported the Out of the Labs campaign helped make this happen — thank you all so much! 

The ex-university rats in their temporary houses on their way back to HUHA in Wellington.