The Six-Foot Rats - Victory!

The Six-Foot Rats - Victory!

Our aim was to get our children's book, The Six-Foot Rat into most public and primary school libraries in New Zealand and change the course of history

We asked for your help to achieve this important goal. We needed to raise $10 to get one book into a school, so in total, we needed to raise over $21K!

Hundreds of people responded to our call for help and thanks to our amazing supporters, we have just achieved this goal! We raised enough money to send a copy of this important educational resource to 2,106 libraries across NZ! 

Children across the country, for years to come, will have access to this informative book and learn about animal testing and why it so urgently needs to end. 

If you supported this campaign — thank you, together we are creating real change for animals!

A special thank you to LUSH cosmetics for donating nearly $10K towards this campaign. 


Read more about The Six-Foot Rats here

The Six-Foot Rats was written and illustrated by Rebecca Gibbs with NZAVS.