Our Presentation at Parliament on the Forced Swim Test Petition

Our Presentation at Parliament on the Forced Swim Test Petition

Today we went to Parliament to give a presentation on our petition asking for a ban on the Forced Swim Test - the animal test that involves mice and rats being forced to swim in inescapable beakers of water.

We had four people presenting to the Science Select Committee (the group of MP's deciding on the fate of our petition) – Tara Jackson, our Executive Director, Shanti Ahluwalia, our Campaign Manager, Roz Holland, a Scientific Advisor to SAFE and Dr Emily Trunnell, a Research Associate at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). 

The only other presenter was Professor Johnson, a scientist appointed by the Select Committee themselves as they considered him an expert witness and even he agreed that the Forced Swim Test is a useless test!

While we definitely didn’t agree with everything Prof Johnson said, he did openly state that the Forced Swim Test is a useless test. During his presentation he said:

"In terms of its efficacy it's really not a great test, it doesn't seem to do what it's reported to do."

"Many groups in the past have used it in ways that are inappropriate and have drawn conclusions from it that are inappropriate and I think the reduction in its use over the last decade...speaks to its utility as a test which is not much."

You can watch the full presentation here.

Now we have to wait to find out what the select committee’s recommendation is.


While we wait to hear back, we need your help to give animals the best chance!

Help get a ban on the Forced Swim Test in NZ by:

  1. Sending a message to the Labour Party asking them to adopt a policy to ban the Forced Swim Test.
  2. Asking Victoria University to ban the Forced Swim Test. 
  3. Sending us a photo of yourself with a companion animal and a homemade sign with the text "Ban the Forced Swim Test NZ." You can also share this image on social media and tag the Labour Party (@NZLabourParty). Email images to nzavs@nzavs.org.nz or send them to us on Instagram so that we can share your photos too!