Free Resources for Teachers in Aotearoa

Free Resources for Teachers in Aotearoa

There is a need for good and affordable online and digital teaching resources for schools and teachers in Aotearoa. To help support the many hard-working teachers of our tamariki we have created the below list of our favourite animal-friendly teaching resources that are free to use!


The following resources can be utilised by teachers with an interest in science:


Online Animal Anatomy Classes

The Animals in Science and Policy Institute is hosting a series of online classes. Classes will be from 10:00-11:30 am, Pacific Daylight Time (6 am – 7.30 am New Zealand Time). View the timetable here.


Free Downloads for Anatomy Educators

  • Anatomy in Clay is offering free access to some of their most popular publications and videos. Find out more here.


  • Digital Frog is offering free 6-month licenses to their digital field trips and virtual dissections – contact with your interest.


  • The Froguts app allows users to virtually dissect multiple different animals for free. Students can choose from a bullfrog, a cow eye, a starfish and other animal-friendly options!


Online Dissection Resources – Only some are free

  • The Science Bank has an extensive list of alternative methods to animal dissections that are all available online. Some are free and some cost, this list is well worth taking a look at!


  • The Humane Education Coalition also has a range of resources including free lessons, activities, videos and online gatherings with a comprehensive humane education focus. These resources aren’t all specific to animals. Find out more here.


We hope teachers and students can utilise these amazing animal-friendly tools. They are fun, engaging and can help teach children an incredibly important lesson – to be kind to and respect animals. Find out more about Kind Education and why using non-harmful teaching methods is so important, visit our Kind Education campaign page.