A Chance to Supercharge Your Impact for Animals

A Chance to Supercharge Your Impact for Animals

Right now, there are roughly $1B of charitable donation rebates waiting for New Zealanders to claim them. Imagine how much good that money could do for animals!

Our friends at Supergenerous have come up with an easy way for you to make an even bigger difference for NZAVS without opening up your wallet. It only takes 5 minutes, and you’ll be set up for as long as you want!

How it works

If you’ve donated more than $5 to any registered charity, religious organisation or school in the past 4 years, sign up for Supergenerous. They’ll get straight to work, collecting all your donation receipts, lodging the claim with IRD and processing your donation rebates on your behalf.

Say yes to 33% more cheer…

We have an exciting opportunity to win a grant! Supergenerous is donating up to $5,000 to the charity with the most donor sign-ups this Christmas season:

  • 25 people signing up to Supergenerous = A $200 grant for NZAVS
  • 100 people = $1,000! 
  • If we’re the first charity to reach 250 people signing up = $5,000


We can check where we are sitting on a leaderboard, so we’ll know how close we are to winning in real time! The competition is running until December 31st 2022.

You can help by signing up today and using our unique code X22-NEWZ298. We’ll be closer to receiving the extra $5,000 donation when you sign up!

As a bonus for you, everyone who signs up between now and the 30th of November will be entered into a draw to win a brand-new iPad, courtesy of Supergenerous. Here's hoping we can climb up that leaderboard - a grant for NZAVS would be a wonderful Christmas present and a great help to kick off the New Year!