I'd Vote YES!

I'd Vote YES!

We're asking #StopTheOtagoAnimalLab supporters all around the nation to support the student referendum and let the University know that they'd vote YES if they could!

Today the Otago University Students' Association 2017 Referendum opened, and this year they have included a question on the $50 million animal lab!



What can you do?

- If you are an Otago student, you can vote in the referendum here.

- You can also join the proposed new Otago University Club  — Students Against Animal Testing here

- If you know any students at the University of Otago, you can invite them to the event on Facebook.

Read more about the referendum 

Not a student at the University of Otago but still want to support the referendum: Send us a photo of yourself holding the message — I'd vote YES!

We will be compiling these into a collage to help show the University of Otago just how many people care about the thousands of animals who will be used for animal experimentation if the new animal lab goes ahead!

Just send your picture to nzavs@nzavs.org.nz

 You can also upload the photo to Instagram and tag our account - @nz_antivivsection_society