Stop the Otago Animal Labs Update!

Stop the Otago Animal Labs Update!

We have been working very hard as busy bees behind the scenes and we have some exciting updates to report! 


Revamping the campaign!

You may have noticed that our imaging is currently having a make-over!

When we started our ‘Stop the Otago Animal Lab' campaign almost exactly 2 years ago, we wanted the University of Otago to repurpose their plans for a new animal research facility and create the building to be an animal-free laboratory. But now we have our sights on a bigger picture. We want the University of Otago to no longer use animals for research, testing and teaching. AT ALL. All their campuses, all their laboratories. Animal-free.

This will be a long-term campaign; we will continue to push hard regardless of whether this building is furnished for animal-use.

A new look is underway for a new goal for this important campaign!

We will ‘Stop the Otago Animal Labs.’


We’ve been in Dunedin!

On the first week of July, NZAVS’s Executive Director, Tara Jackson & Campaign Manager, Niki Moore, travelled down to Dunedin again.

While being there, LushNZ Dunedin held one of their Charity Pot Party’s for us, to show their support for the important work we do.

We also held a ‘Stop the Otago Animal Labs’ public meeting, to give everyone near the university an official campaign update in person, and a chance to discuss the campaign with us.

Photo of Niki and Tara with team Lush Dunedin team.


International Support

The amazing Humane Society International has written an open letter to the University of Otago expressing their concern regarding construction of the new $50,000,000 animal laboratory that the university is currently building.

In their detailed letter to the University of Otago, they highlight issues such as global funding, student’s potential in their careers, and the university investing considerable resources into an industry that is on the decline.

We also have a MASSIVE international non-profit medical and scientific organisation showing their support to the campaign. Watch this space….

Construction Site

The University of Otago is in a hurry to get the new animal laboratory built. While we were there taking photos of the construction site on a Saturday, there were still workers on site.

There is a metal skeleton in place now with a tall crane that can be seen from far away.



The University of Otago can put up their building as fast as they want – this only spurs us on more! The building isn’t the problem. The problem is the University’s choice to entrench further in cruel, inaccurate, flawed science while misleading the public by stating that animal experimentation will advance human medical research.

With your support, we are continuing to work tirelessly behind the scenes to help the University of Otago make these positive changes, for the animals, for their students, and for the ability to advance science so we can help many suffering humans waiting for treatments.

Don't forget to be an important part by signing our petition asking the University of Otago to lead New Zealand forward by no longer using animals for research, testing and teaching!