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Alternatives & Solutions

Developments in human medicine, science, and technology are all possible without the use of animals. From cell-cultured organoids and 3D printing with human cells, to biomechanical engineering and sophisticated computer models, there are many scientific methods that can be used instead of cruel, outdated and unreliable animal experiments. 

The development of alternative and non-animal-based research, testing and teaching methods is growing but we still have a long way to go before animals are free from suffering in the name of science. Where there are gaps, we see opportunities to create scientific methods that not only yield reliable results but also don't harm anyone!

The reasons behind why animal experimentation continues today are not scientific, instead, it's due to outdated laws and regulations, a lack of funding, conservative and outdated views (of course it is easier to simply do what has always been done) and other factors

If we can move the atoms on a molecule using a beam of laser light I don’t see why we can’t replace animal experiments. If the full force of the world’s scientific brains were turned on this problem, there could be enormous strides,”

 Gill Langley (scientist and writer who specialises in non-animal methods of research and testing).