Meet Rabbits

Meet some of the lucky rabbits who have already been adopted!

Meet some of the lucky rabbits who have been rehomed from scientific institutes in NZ.


These three New Zealand White Rabbits hit the new home jackpot! They were all adopted by an NZAVS Board member (so you know they are getting treated like VIPs). They were all rehomed from a university in NZ. They now spend their days relaxing in the sun, cuddling up with their buddies and exploring the many boxes and tunnels that continuously get added to their enclosure.


Billy was adopted by the most passionate fan of rabbits that we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He spent the first part of his life at a University in NZ and is now living a life all rabbits must dream of! His carer refers to his new home as a bunny palace. He has a new best mate, Pepper the rabbit and spends all day with his humans (who work from home beside him). He has new a backyard that he gets to explore (with supervision of course).

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