The Global Shift Away from Animal Testing

Internationally, a notable shift is underway towards replacing and phasing out animal experimentation.

Internationally, a notable and encouraging shift is underway towards replacing and ultimately phasing out animal experimentation.

While we still have a long way to go, it’s worth recognising the exciting trend that NZAVS and its thousands of supporters are a part of.

Together, we are contributing to this global shift towards using more predictive, ethical, and effective methods for advancing scientific knowledge!

Regularly, new animal-free methods are created, and existing methods are further developed or validated, while critical reviews highlighting the benefits of the new technology and the flaws of animal experimentation also receive more and more attention.

Key steps that have been taken internationally to end animal experimentation:

  • A growing recognition among scientists of the limitations of animal models in accurately predicting human responses. 
  • Key policy changes that remove outdated requirements for animal tests, mandate the use of non-animal methods where possible and encourage the replacement of animal use for science.
  • Funding for advancements in animal-free methods.
  • International collaborations among scientists, regulatory bodies, and advocacy groups fostering the development and validation of innovative techniques.
  • The creation of specialised centres for the replacement, reduction, and refinement of animal use.  Here, knowledge, news and funding opportunities regarding non-animal methods can be found, and international projects can be coordinated.

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With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.