Where Animals Are Used

Access a list of 100+ different institutes that use animals for science in NZ.

Over 100 institutes across NZ use animals for science - the exact number changes yearly.

These institutes include:

  • Universities
  • Polytechnics and institutes of technology
  • Schools*
  • Commercial organisations (businesses that sell goods or services for the purpose of making a profit)
  • Crown Research Institutes (Crown-owned companies that carry out scientific research to try to benefit New Zealand — find out more here)
  • Government departments
  • Other (non-university medical research institutes, zoos/wildlife parks and individuals)

*The individual schools in NZ that use animals for science are tallied as one institute that uses animals for science - if they were included individually the total would go from 100+ to thousands.

You can access a list of places that used animals for science below:

The map below shows where the 100+ institutes in NZ that can use animals for science are located.

*Important info about this map

The map contains the physical locations of the NZ institutes that were able to use animals for research, testing and teaching purposes in 2021. This is the most recent data available.

The institutes in this map include:

  • Institutions with a code of ethical conduct (CEC) approved by the Director-General of MPI.
  • Institutes engaging in research, testing and teaching involving animals that had an arrangement to use another institution’s CEC and animal ethics committee rather than forming their own.

We could not find the physical address for the following institutes (therefore, they are not included on the map):

  • Algorae Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (formerly Living Cell Technologies Ltd., LCT)
  • BASE Enterprises
  • BW & MB McLeod Partnership
  • Cave and Harvey Research
  • Datic Ltd
  • Dermcare Vet
  • Invetus NZ Ltd
  • LIC Deer Ltd
  • LWT Animal Nutrition Ltd
  • Mason Consulting
  • National Veterinary Care Ltd (part of the VetPartners Group)
  • New Zealand Association of Science Educators (NZASE)
  • Parnell Technologies Pty Ltd (Also Parnell Corporate Services Pty Ltd)
  • PJM Scientific Pty Ltd
  • SBScibus Ltd
  • Skretting Australia
  • SNPshot Technologies Ltd
  • Towers Consulting
  • VetLearn
  • VetPartners Ltd

You can learn more about how these institutes are able to use animals for science here.


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