Why we work to end animal experimentation

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We are striking at the very source of animal experimentation and calling on the NZ Government to make many overdue changes!

The continued use of animal experiments is driven by many different factors such as outdated laws, poorly allocated funding, a lack of openness and transparency, conservative mindsets and more.

NZAVS has been fighting to end animal testing since 1978 so we are experts on these many barriers that are preventing us from creating a better future for animals, people, and science.

To achieve the replacement of animals used for science wherever possible, we need policy advances and leadership from the NZ Government. Our Striking at the Source petition is aimed at kickstarting a roadmap to achieve this ‘replacement’ goal.

We’re calling on the NZ Government to:
  1. Create a set direction for NZ and commit to phasing out the use of animals for science as technology permits.
  2. Provide stronger laws and commit to phasing out the requirements in NZ legislation for animal testing.
  3. Establish smarter funding and allocate funding for the use and development of animal-free research, testing and teaching methods.

Over 22K Kiwis signed our Striking at the Source petition in support of these crucial changes.

The most powerful part of this campaign is our collaborative approach. We invited over 100 key stakeholders in the animal science and research industry to provide feedback on our Striking at the Source petition requests – the consensus of the feedback we received is that there is a genuine, shared desire to see progress in these three areas.

Together, we are proving that it's not just NZAVS and our thousands of caring supporters who want to see progress - it's also members of the scientific community.

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With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.