Exposed: Sheep Subjected to ‘Poor Things’ Medical Experiment”

Sheep were impregnated, and their foetuses were removed and implanted into another ewe during a medical experiment in NZ!
March 27, 2024

Warning: the following article contains the topic of pregnancy which we understand can be sensitive for some of our supporters. Please use your personal judgement to read on or not. Aroha nui.

Have you ever pondered the ethical conundrums sparked by Mary Shelley's iconic 'Frankenstein'? Its influence continues in the recent blockbuster 'Poor Things.'

If you haven't read the book or watched the movie, brace yourself for a spoiler!

In 'Poor Things,' protagonist Bella Baxter undergoes a controversial experiment where her brain is transplanted into the body of a deceased woman. This will undoubtedly make people watching think more about whether it's okay to use animals in medical research.

Today, we are exposing an experiment in the name of ‘Medical Research’ that was recently conducted, right here in Aotearoa New Zealand: A ‘Frankenstein’/’Poor Things’ monstrous-medical-mash-up of animal suffering using sheep and their lambs...

Pregnant and Sentient

As sentient beings (just as we are), pregnant sheep (known as a pregnant ‘ewe’) can be consciously aware of the pain and the pleasure that pregnancy brings.

Which is why the following experimenting on sheep is most definitely not without its suffering!

Pregnant sheep had their foetuses removed and cells from one foetus were exchanged with the cells of another. Then, each foetus was implanted inside a different mother sheep. The lambs born from these procedures were then bled out and dissected for examination.

For those of you that can, we thank you for reading on and finding out about this harmful experiment on sheep, in the name of ‘Medical Research’.

The research below, uses sheep as models to try and biologically mimic humans. Trying to model humans by using animals fails over 90% of the time!

When: Experiment Published 2022.

Where: ▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉▉ – in NZ.

Why:   Sheep were manipulated to investigate the interaction of certain “healthy” genes and genes causing Batten disease (a fatal disease of the nervous system) in humans.

How:  Sheep were impregnated and their foetuses were removed.

  • Insemination by cutting into the sheep’s belly and injecting semen directly into their uterus.
  • After swapping some cells between them, the foetuses were inserted into other sheep.
  • Fifteen lambs survived all this and were born to then be subjected to X-rays. and at one to three years old were bled out for dissection.
  • The fate of the original ‘mothering’ sheep as well as the surrogates was not stated.

The photo below is of one of the lambs used in the experiment and was taken directly from the publication on the experiment we are exposing today - reference available below.

Sheep and their lambs made to suffer – born to die

There are many cruel facts about this particular experiment,1 the standout being - that the sheep not only suffered but their lambs too.

Foetuses were swapped like some Frankenstein-horror show between sheep and their uteruses. Then the lambs, at one to three years old, were bled out for dissection. In other words, they were born to die.

The fate of the original 'mothering' sheep as well as the surrogates is unknown.

Good News - Kiwi's care about sheep!

A recent survey (in late 2023) was conducted on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART).

This survey2 reveals New Zealanders' perspectives and knowledge on the use of animals in scientific Research, Testing, and Teaching (RTT).

One of the top five key findings of the survey was around the species of animals that were perceived to be the most acceptable species to use for science. Sheep was one of the seven species considered least acceptable for use in different types of research.

So we know, that there are many Kiwi's, like you, who agree that experiments using sheep, like this one exposed, is not acceptable!

Let's resign these monstrous 'medical' experiments to the history books!

Globally there are moves to phase out using animals in science and medical research.

Europe3 aims to fully replace all animals used for scientific and educational purposes. The U.S.4 has removed requirements for animals to be used in drug testing, and India5 has included the possibility for non-animal testing in their legislation. This means other countries are moving towards animal-free science and NZ needs to catch up.

Team NZAVS will continue to drive this drastic need for change in Aotearoa, New Zealand!

With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.