Working With the Industry

Wherever possible, we collaborate with the animal science and research community.

It might surprise you that many members of the animal science and research community in NZ don’t actually want to use animals in experiments or other harmful ways for science.

Many people from this community want to use animal-free methods and are therefore making major changes at their institutes!

In fact, when we surveyed key scientific institutes in NZ, we discovered a genuine, shared desire to see the NZ Government make progress in the following ways:

  • Allocate funding towards the use and development of animal-free methods.
  • Commit to phasing out the requirements for animal testing in NZ law.
  • Commit to phasing out the use of animals for science as technology permits.

This feedback has strengthened our mahi against animal experimentation, as we’ve been able to present a unified case for change to the NZ government alongside the scientific community – an incredible world first!

NZAVS isn’t a business; it’s a charity that will only exist for as long as it’s needed. Therefore, we must use our time and other resources wisely to create change as efficiently as possible.

So, wherever possible, we collaborate with the scientific community to deliver faster and more positive outcomes for animals, fast-tracking our ultimate goal of ending animal experimentation in Aotearoa!

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With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.