Animal Experiments Are Harmful to Animals and Humans

Forcing animals to endure painful experiments is failing both animals and humans.

One of the biggest problems with animal experimentation is that animal experiments are harm both animals and humans!

Every year, several thousand animals are made to endure extreme pain or discomfort during experiments in NZ. Hundreds of thousands of animals who are used or bred for science are also killed.1

Additionally, animals are often kept under the bare minimum of housing conditions. Rodents in stacked, small cages, often alone and without toys. These animals are most likely under stress which impacts biomedical study results.2

The people conducting animal experiments and the people who look after these animals can be negatively impacted, too. Researchers performing harmful procedures on animals often find it hard (emotionally). The psychological burden can significantly impact their well-being.3

The people working with these animals regularly form a bond with them and are affected by the animal’s level of stress or pain. Yet, the social stigma related to their kind of work often results in low social support, which increases traumatic stress and burnout risk.4

Having to kill an animal you care about is associated with work-to-family conflict, depressive moods, and substance use.5

With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.