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Apply to be a Business Alliance Member

Apply to be a Business Alliance Member

Align your business with a like-minded audience

Your business is successful because it is underpinned by your core values. You stand for something and you tell your story with the products and services you offer. Clearly, your customers like you for it. 

So, if you could put your message in front of thousands of new potential customers, that are similarly aligned with your values, you would, right? All of a sudden you expose yourself to a whole new audience who are eager to support businesses that are also in line with their values system. 

NZAVS has a large dedicated and highly engaged supporter base. We simply all want the world to be a kinder place for animals and humans. We believe animals should not be exploited and we exist solely to end animal testing. 

We punch well above our weight locally and internationally because our core values and actions are resonating with more people every day. Our people realise we have to make a change for the better, more so now than ever before. 

Do we sound like your kind of people, too? If so, we encourage you to become a Business Alliance member of NZAVS and open yourself up to a rapidly expanding audience with the same values that you have. Join here or contact us today -

There are several options to suit your specific needs.

The standard investment is $250 +GST per year which will allow you to:

  • Be advertised via your own listing on our Business Alliance Directory that sits permanently on our website!
  • Have free access to the NZAVS Business Alliance Emblem. This can be used freely on social media and with permission on your website and packaging.
  • We'll also send you a Business Alliance sticker for storefront windows! More than one sticker is available for companies with multiple stores upon request. 
  • You'll be listed in our Annual Report that we send out to our supporters. 
  • Other opportunities might arise as well! For example, having your products featured in a Christmas themed promotional email to our supporters about ethical Christmas gifts (no additional cost).  These types of opportunities are not guaranteed — extra perks like this might pop up during the year if they fit into current campaigns. 
  • We are also open to collaborating with Business Alliance Members in other ways so get in touch if you have ideas!

Terms & Conditions

We only accept businesses that are genuinely cruelty-free, i.e. don’t conduct or fund any animal testing and provide at least some vegan products or vegan-friendly services.

Businesses also have to meet our ethical practice requirements.

Inclusion in the NZAVS Business Alliance Programme does not constitute an endorsement by NZAVS of the products or services offered by the member. NZAVS retains the discretion to accept or deny applications for membership in the NZAVS Business Alliance Programme. If your application is not accepted, your contribution will be refunded.

This is a yearly membership. Memberships can start at any time of the year.