Introducing Our Rat Rehoming Program in Auckland!

Today, on World Day for Animals in Labs, NZAVS is launching a new program to rehome rats bred or used for science with the University of Auckland.
April 24, 2024

It is officially World Day for Animals in Labs, the one day a year that is dedicated to commemorating the countless animals used in experiments around the world!

In honour of this special day, we have incredibly positive news to share…

Today NZAVS is officially launching a new program to rehome rats bred or used for science at the University of Auckland!

This unique rat-rehoming program will literally save rats' lives. The more rats we can rehome in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland; the more lives we can save together!

Thanks to the support of LUSH Cosmetics, we were able to build this rat rehoming program from the ground up—a significant and costly endeavor requiring a robust infrastructure for its success. While our fierce supporters help fuel our rehoming work with generous donations, the creation of such a meticulously planned rat rehoming program would have been extremely difficult without LUSH's generous donation to NZAVS.

We are thankful that The University of Auckland, is willing to regularly rehome animals to NZAVS. They are the only institute in NZ that is currently willing to do so.

Without NZAVS and The University of Auckland collaborating on this part of the research, testing and teaching 'jigsaw', these animals would not have a chance at finding their forever home. Instead, they would be euthanised.

Together we want to rehome as many animals as possible. Rehoming rats is also just the amazing, beginning! In the future we will be able to rehome rabbits, pigeons and sheep from the university.

How You Can Help
  • To open up your heart and your Auckland home to give rats a forever home, please apply to adopt here.
  • If you aren't based in Auckland, you can help by sharing this news on social media (you might have friends living in Auckland who would make amazing rat parents!). You can share our Facebook or Instagram posts!
  • If you are interested in rehoming rabbits, mice or other animals used or bred for science in NZ in the future, please sign up to our Nationwide Animal Rehoming Waitlist here.
  • Wherever you may be on the globe, your support is invaluable. By donating to NZAVS, you can actively participate in fueling our numerous crucial, life-saving campaigns.

With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.