Join Us This Weekend to #ProtectTheBan on Live Export in NZ

This weekend, protest marches are being held across NZ to #ProtectTheBan on Live Export.
April 26, 2024

This weekend, on Saturday (27th) and Sunday (28th), protest marches are being held across the motu to #ProtectTheBan on Live Export.

These protests mark the one-year anniversary of the significant day when Live Export by Sea ended in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The 30th of April 2023 was the last day that thousands of animals were condemned to long and abhorrent suffering at sea.

Our friends at Christchurch Animal Save and End Live Export NZ have invited me as NZAVS’s Executive Director, to expose the link between Live Export and experimentation at the Ōtautahi, Christchurch Protest – more info below!  

We need as many protesters as possible to show the National-led coalition government that the NZ public, which they serve, is outraged and says “NO” to Live Export by Sea.

Shocking Number of Cattle Used for Science

In Aotearoa, New Zealand, approximately 300,000 animals are used for research, testing, and teaching every year. Thousands of these animals are killed, and thousands of additional animals who are bred for science but never used are also killed.

Cattle are one of the most commonly used animals for science in NZ. This sadly makes sense when you consider how widely they are exploited for their milk and their bodies.

Cattle were also among the animals we stopped shipping, in their hundreds of thousands when New Zealand took a world-leading stance and banned Live Exports.

Therefore, NZAVS can’t campaign to end animal experimentation in NZ without addressing the exploitation of animals by the animal agriculture industry. Live Export is a particularly abhorrent industry, trading in sentient lives.

The Link Between Live Export and Experimentation

The Animal Agriculture industry fuels animal experimentation as it tries to maximise its profits for every single animal it uses.

Animal experimentation driven by Live Export is a prime example: Major welfare issues during live export by sea have prompted a number of lab-based experiments to impossibly mimic extremely stressful, cramped, and severe sea conditions.

The Live Export companies New Zealand uses are based in Australia, where these experiments have taken place, some of which have been financed by the animal ag industry.

If you can, please join me at 12 noon at the Bridge of Remembrance for the Ōtautahi protest so you can hear more about this shocking link between Live Export and Animal Experimentation.

We would love to see as many incredible NZAVS supporters as possible, up and down the motu, at rallies near them. 

If you cannot attend a protest rally this weekend, please sign and share the parliamentary petition to prevent the reverse of the ban on Live Export by Sea. Parliament only needs your first name, last name, and email address.  

Together, we must speak out against Live Export and ensure that hundreds of thousands of animals are not condemned to this abhorrent trade of suffering.

#ProtectTheBan. We have the power to say “NO” to Live Export.

Protect the Ban on Live Export Protests across the motu:


  • When: This Saturday at 2 pm.
  • Where: 12 Garden Place, Hamilton City.
  • Event organised by Waikato Animal Save
  • More info here.

New Plymouth

  • When: This Sunday at 1 pm.
  • Where: Pukeariki Landing, Ariki St, New Plymouth.
  • Event organised by Taranaki Animal Save
  • More info here.




  • When: This Sunday at 12 pm.
  • Where: Commercial Bay, Auckland.
  • Event organised by Humanity in Action
  • More info here.

Banner image credit: Adrian Lambert.

With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.