We Did It- No Animal Testing of Legal Highs Allowed

Together we have protected animals from legal highs in NZ!
May 9, 2014

The NZ Government has ruled out any animal testing on legal high products and it's now official in law. NZ will not allow any animal testing to be done to try and show a drug is safe for recreational use.

This victory comes after years of work by NZAVS, other charities and countless animal-loving Kiwis.

It all started in September 2012 when NZAVS discovered the full extent of the animal testing being planned for legal highs. The Ministry of Health was set to require multiple animal tests on large and small animals; every product approved could have required over a hundred animals used in the testing. And for what? Unreliable test results that get it wrong a lot more often than they get it right.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported this campaign, together we have protected animals from cruel animal testing for legal highs in NZ!

With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.