Rehoming Animals Used or Bred for Science

WIN: Building a trusting relationship between NZAVS and The University of Auckland to set up an animal rehoming program. Together with you, we are giving animals used or bred for science a second chance at life!

Hundreds of animals have been rehomed so far and this number will only continue to grow with your support.


There are no wins without the work. This work took several years, but together we did it!

The issue: A teaching institute and a charity that is against animal experimentation are not your likely ‘bedfellows’. But when you can break down the barriers to build mutual trust, you can fiercely unite on a common goal, making the win for animals faster, stronger and most importantly, long-lasting. 

The common goal that NZAVS and The University of Auckland agree on is that the NZ Government needs to commit to funding to replace the use of animals in science. This funding includes rehoming the animals who are bred or used for science.

The solution: Together with you, we are pushing hard for this funding through our – Striking at the Source campaign. Meanwhile, and in the absence of this funding coming from the government, The University of Auckland and NZAVS want to reinforce the acute need for funding and that a rehoming program can work.

Our rehoming program is 100% funded through the kind donations given by our amazing supporters. Without their hard-earned donations, this program would not exist.

Tactics included:

  • Meeting at industry conferences and respectfully hearing what each other’s organisation had to say.
  • Direct engagement with each other, discussing our clear differences and working out what we can agree on for animals used in experimentation.
  • Standing side-by-side together to make an in-person oral submission for our Striking at the Source Petition to a government select committee, pushing for funding and policy change so that Aotearoa can match other countries that are replacing the use of animals in research, testing and teaching.
  • Wrestling with the ‘rehoming’ problem and creating a solution together to show the NZ government that rehoming is needed, is feasible and needs funding.

The New South Wales government of Australia, in early 2023, launched a $7 million AUD (7.6m NZD) fund targeting animals used in science! $4.5 million will be directed towards replacing and reducing the use of animals in science, while the remaining $2.5 million will go towards existing animals needing to be rehomed. Funding like this would be welcomed by NZAVS and the science community in Aotearoa.

Together with you, we will continue to work with the animal science and research community until the NZ Government catches up with other countries and delivers on funding for rehoming animals trapped in science.


We want to thank Dr Jodi Salinsky, BA, BS, DVM, MANZCVS (Avian), Animal Welfare Officer, University Veterinarian, University of Auckland and her team at the university. Dr. Salinsky has worked in the animal science and research industry for over 25 years. Jodi sits on international committees related to laboratory animal health and welfare, including the Executive of the Australia and New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association (ANZLAA). Jodi has been an integral part of the openness in animal research movement in New Zealand and chaired the ANZCCART-established working group that developed the Openness Agreement on Animal Research and Teaching in New Zealand, launched in July 2021, the first of its kind outside of Europe.

We also want to thank our incredible volunteers, supporters and donors who contribute to this rehoming program by dedicating time or donations to give these animals a second chance at life.

You can meet some of the animals we have rehomed here.

With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.