Meet and adopt sheep who were bred or used for science in NZ.

We are looking for forever homes for sheep who have been used for science in Auckland - you can apply to adopt these from anywhere in NZ but applicants in Auckland are preferred.

Over the next 6-8 months we'll get to rehome around 20 ewes who were used for a research project at the University of Auckland.

Update: We have now found homes for these 20 ewes but if you are interested in adopting sheep, please still contact us and we can add you to our waitlist incase anything changes in the near future.

The research they were used for:

The sheep are being used to trial a device that helps surgeons connect blood vessels back together faster, more precisely, and in a safer way in people undergoing surgery where blood vessels need to be reconstructed. This will also eventually help specialist veterinary surgeons with surgeries on companions and other animals.

Right now, surgeons need to hand sew blood vessels; despite expertise, it is time-consuming, difficult and carries risk. If this device works in the sheep model, it will go to human trials.

The device will be used on the inside of the sheep's upper leg/groin area, and it will be taken out prior to rehoming. The Animal Welfare Officer at the University of Auckland has assured us that there will be no lasting effects on the sheep.

Please note that NZAVS does not condone the use of animal models in research, and we are not advocating for the research in which the sheep were involved.

Important info to know before you apply to adopt sheep:

  • You will need to provide all the animal’s needs including correct food, water, shelter and shade.
  • You will be responsible for any healthcare this animal may need, including their vaccinations.
  • These animals must have a safe fenced outdoor area that is large enough for appropriate grazing and exercise. They cannot be kept confined to a small area which would lead to stress or discomfort.
  • These animals will have another animal of the same or similar species for companionship.
  • These animals may not be used for breeding (All males must be neutered).
  • These animals may not be sold to any other party.
  • These animals are not to be slaughtered or eaten.
  • These animals will be allowed to live out the full duration of their natural lives.
  • If any of these animals must be euthanised for untreatable illness, NZAVS will be notified first. In the case of urgent situations where the animal is suffering and must be euthanised immediately, the adopter will provide a certificate from the vet confirming these details.
  • A representative of NZAVS will follow up on the care and condition of these animals.
  • If at any point during the animal’s life, you need to rehome these animals, you must contact NZAVS.
  • NZAVS has the right to remove adopted animals from any situation they consider detrimental to the animal’s welfare.

Please contact us today:


Miss Ewe was used for teaching purposes at a university in NZ. She was rehomed to Franklin Animal Sanctuary where she now lives an amazing life with her new friend Peggy, the 3-legged sheep!

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