Survey Reveals How Kiwis Feel About the Use of Animals for Science

You can now find out exactly how New Zealanders feel about this important issue via a special survey!
March 15, 2024

If you are anything like the team at NZAVS, you will have had thoughts like, "This is a nation of animal lovers; surely most people are against animal experimentation."

But do all Kiwis agree?

You can now find out exactly how New Zealanders feel about this important issue via a special survey! 

This survey was conducted on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART) and it reveals New Zealanders’ perspectives and knowledge on the use of animals in scientific research, testing, and teaching.

You can access the full survey here or read on to discover our top five key findings...

1. Most Kiwis are interested in this issue!

Animal use in scientific research is a topic of significant interest to New Zealanders, with 94% of respondents caring to some degree about the issue and 67% caring moderately or very much.

Out of the 67% caring moderately or very much about the issue of animal use in research, 83% were involved with animal protection organisations such as NZAVS.

This is a good sign that our lifesaving campaigns and other important mahi at NZAVS are having an impact on people in NZ.  

2. People don't know enough.

People don't know enough about how animals are used for research or the approval process required to use animals in research in NZ.

Only 16% of respondents feel well-informed about the regulation of this animal use, and 43% acknowledged a lack of awareness regarding the permitted uses of animals.

3. Certain animals matter more to people than others.

The species ranked in the top five most acceptable species to use for science were rats, mice, possums, stoats or ferrets, and rabbits.

The seven species considered least acceptable for use in different types of research included marine mammals, dogs, horses, cats, deer, cattle, and sheep.

4. People want the industry to be more open.

A notable 76% of respondents express the need for more transparency from research institutions. Additionally, 54% of participants voice a desire for greater public involvement in related decision-making processes.

5. Most types of research that use animals are accepted.

Over 60% of respondents found animal use acceptable for improving animal health, species conservation, biological research, environmental management, developing live animal alternatives, and animal husbandry.

Sadly, this includes the use of animals as models for humans: Nearly half of those surveyed (48%) agreed that the use of animals for medical research purposes is important to human health.

We say sadly because this is such a huge misconception - Animal testing fails over 90% of the time.

The significance of these results...

The key takeaway message from this survey is that most Kiwis care about this issue, but they need more information.

This makes our mahi at NZAVS more important than ever!

Remember, we are Aotearoa's only charity 100% dedicated to stopping animals from being used in experimentation, so it's on us to create and distribute resources that educate Kiwis.  

We clearly have a big job ahead of us, but it's all possible with the help of our fierce supporters!

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