Apply to be added to the Cruelty Free Guide

Businesses selling cosmetics or household products in NZ can fill in this application to be verified as cruelty-free by NZAVS.

The NZAVS Cruelty Free Guide promotes beauty, skincare, body care and household products that are genuinely cruelty-free and available to purchase in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Multiple different cruelty-free lists exist; the point of difference with ours is how ironclad our cruelty-free criteria is.

Companies listed on our Cruelty Free Guide can't be affiliated (in any way whatsoever) with animal testing - we leave no room for sneaky loop holes!

This is also the only NZ-based cruelty-free verification.

Our motivation:

It is estimated that globally around 500,000 animals suffer and die just for cosmetics each year. We want to empower Kiwis to use their purchasing powers to change this and demand a shift away from animal testing by shopping cruelty-free. This is why it is 100% free for companies to be listed on this popular resource!

The benefits of being listed on our Cruelty Free Guide:
  • Get the cruelty-free tick of approval from Aotearoa's primary charity defending animals used in science. This will give your customers the utmost confidence that your business is genuinely free from animal testing.
  • Reach a prime target audience: You will be promoted to people who are fiercely against animal testing and, therefore, highly likely to be interested in purchasing from genuinely cruelty-free companies.
  • Free use of the NZAVS Cruelty Free Guide emblem. While you are featured in our Cruelty Free Guide, you can proudly use our emblem on your website, social media channels, in emails to followers and even on your product packaging.

To apply to be added to our cruelty-free guide, complete the form below.

If you are applying on behalf of multiple companies, please fill out a separate form for each company (even if they have the same parent company).

You only need to apply once to be listed on the NZAVS Cruelty Free Guide. However, if your status changes you will need to advise us as soon as possible.

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With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.