Meet, adopt or foster rabbits who were bred or used for science in NZ.

Thousands of rabbits are used for science every year in New Zealand and most of these animals don't make it out alive.

In fact, the percentage of rabbits who died or were killed after being used for science in NZ hasn't been below 85% in the last decade!1

This means that it's an incredibly rare opportunity to be able to adopt rabbits used or bred for science in NZ.

We currently have seven New Zealand White Rabbits from the University of Auckland available for adoption and we're collaborating with the team at the Auckland-based rabbit rescue, Raining Rabbits Rescue (aka the rabbit rehoming experts!), to find these animals the best possible homes in the Auckland region.

You can meet rabbits who we've already successfully rehomed and and find out how you can apply to adopt rabbits below.

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With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.