Protest to Ban Cruel Animal Test at Victoria University - Wellington

Protest to Ban Cruel Animal Test at Victoria University - Wellington

Over ten thousand people, including students have asked Victoria University to stop using the cruel and invalid Forced Swim Test, yet they’re choosing not to listen. Together we can change this!

The Forced Swim Test involves forcing small animals such as rats or mice to swim in an inescapable beaker of water until they ‘give up’ and float. The test reportedly attempts to mimic depression or hopelessness in humans. See a short video of this test below:


Now, NZAVS, SAFE, HUHA and SUFA are joining forces to host a collaborative protest outside Victoria University to send a clear message - opposition to this horrific animal test is growing rapidly, and they must right their wrong by committing to no longer conducting or funding the Forced Swim Test.

We are uniting to take a stand against the use of the cruel and invalid Forced Swim Test at Victoria University – will you stand united with us? We need your help to defend animals and put much-needed pressure on Victoria University to change!

We’d love to see you at our protest:
When: Saturday 7th September, 11 am – 1 pm.
Where: On Kelburn Parade, outside the Victoria University Kelburn Campus (exact location to be disclosed closer to the time) in Wellington.

Please RSVP to so we can send you more information closer to the time.

Join the Facebook event here.


 Banner photo credit: Doctors Against Animal Experiment.