Why we work to end animal experimentation

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As Aotearoa’s only charity 100% dedicated to stopping animals from being used in experimentation, it's NZAVS’ job to investigate and expose the cruel and unnecessary experiments that have been conducted right here in beautiful Aotearoa.
While the NZ Government releases some information on where and how animals are used for science, the industry as a whole still remains incredibly well-hidden.

By exposing cruel experiments, we can:
  • Educate people. How can we end animal experimentation if most Kiwis don’t even know that it still happens in NZ?
  • Put pressure on the scientific community to do better and to try harder to replace the use of animals in science.
  • Motivate decision-makers to make progressive changes by proving to them that this is an issue that many people care about.
Discover some of our many animal experimentation exposés below!

With your help we can end animal experimentation in Aotearoa.