Animals killed for science in NZ

Animals killed for science in NZ

Each year in Aotearoa, New Zealand, thousands of animals are euthanised who have either been used in science or have been bred for science and then where never used. Many of these animals will have never felt the sun on their back or the grass beneath their feet. 

We don't take these numbers lightly, each individual animal who has been killed matters and we'll continue working hard to end animal experimentation once and for all — together we are creating a world where no animal dies in the name of science!


Total number of animals used: 315,574

Total number of animals killed: 107,295 (34%)

In addition to this 136,679 animals were bred for science but never used and killed. 



Total number of animals used: 301,335

Total number of animals killed: 105,024 (35%)



Total number of animals used: 314,571

Total number of animals killed: 168,452 (54%)



Total number of animals used: 254,453

Total number of animals killed: 62,401 (25%)



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Source: Animal Use Statistics Reports published by MPI. Access these here.