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Using medicine & vaccines while being against animal testing
An opinion piece by our Executive Director, Tara Jackson.
Compassion Fatigue: When the Injustices Inflicted Upon Animals Become Harder to Cope With
The LD50 Test
Why Is Animal Experimentation Still Happening?
When Humans Respond Differently
How Do We Know How Many Animals Are Used for Science in NZ?
Important Changes to the Animal Welfare Act
Using Animals in Huntington's Disease Research Does Not Help Humans
Auckland University's Shameful Mistake - Allowing Vested Interest to Silence the Student Body
A Kidney Donor’s Perspective on Xenotransplantation in NZ
A long-time supporter of ours, Catherine Amey has written an article for us on her first-hand experience donating a kidney and how this links back to animal experimentation and the scientific and ethical flaws involved with xenotransplantation.
Why Using Animals for Alzheimer’s Disease Research Isn’t Helping Humans or Science
The 3Rs – The Extent to Which They Are Enforced and Followed in NZ
The 3Rs are promoted widely in NZ and are even in legislation but what does this actually mean in reality?
The 3Rs Explained
Facilities that use animals for research, testing and teaching often refer to the 3R's. Here we explain exactly what they mean.
Training Veterinarians without Harming Animals
Ethical and alternative methods of using animals in harmful ways to train vet students exist and they can yield the same results - kind education is the way of the future!
Why We Are Selective with the Use of the Word "Alternative"
Our friend Louise Owen from For Life On Earth (FLOE) has summarised why we need to be careful with the use of the word alternative when talking about replacing animal experiments.