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NZ to Start Encouraging the Re-homing of Ex-Lab Animals!
An exciting announcement means that some lab animals will now be getting a second chance at life.
Meet Our Funding & Engagement Manager!
We welcome Annelies Basten to the NZAVS Team!
Auckland Island Pigs - Where are they now?
Parkinson's Disease and Animal Research Don't Go Together
Humane Society International Writes to the University of Otago
Global Opposition to the University of Otago's New Fifty Million Dollar Animal Lab
Out of the Labs – Let’s get the facts straight!
We've heard several statements made by MPs or researchers about our campaign that are misleading and don't reflect what we are truly asking for! This means that they are either misinformed, not informed enough or the media has taken what they have said out of context. We wanted to clear up a misleading story that recently aired on national television.
Meet Our New Campaign Manager!
We welcome Niki Moore to the NZAVS Team!
MPs Decide Against Giving Thousands of Lab Animals in NZ A Life Outside of a Lab!
The Primary Production Select Committee has made a final decision and released a report stating that they do not support a mandatory retirement policy for ex-lab animals in NZ.
MPs to decide the fate of thousands of lab animals in NZ
We were on the Breakfast Show today to discuss our Out of the Labs petition and why we urgently need a mandatory retirement policy for ex-lab animals in NZ!
MPs support a Mandatory Retirement Policy for Ex-Lab Animals!
Current and past Animal Welfare Spokespeople for the Green Party show their support for getting animals out of the labs.
Lab animals in NZ urgently need your help!
Our 'Out of the Labs' petition is at its final stage and we need your help to ensure that it's successful!
We're Looking for Ex-Lab Animals and their Adoptive Parents!
If you've adopted an ex-lab animal in NZ, we would love to hear from you.
NZAVS and HUHA Present at Parliament to 'Let them Live out of the Labs' for a second time!
We were invited back for a second time to talk to the Primary Production Select Committee about our Out of the Labs petition.
Incredible NZAVS Christmas Raffle to be Won!
Our amazing raffle worth over $850 is up for grabs!!! Find out what great prizes are included and how to get tickets here!