Thousands of animals including mice, rats, rabbits dogs, cats, cows and many other species are used across the country in cruel animal experiments.

Each year approximately 300,000 animals are used for research, testing and teaching (RTT) in New Zealand, we work to change this! Our mission is to eliminate animal experimentation and harmful use of animals for RTT in Aotearoa.


We see a world where we advance science without causing any suffering, for both animals and people. 

We are creating a world where:

  • No animals are subject to cruel and painful experiments.
  • People no longer believe that animals are appropriate models for human medical research and product safety testing.
  • Viable and humane scientific methods are always used.
  • No more time or money is wasted on fruitless research.
  • Human and animal health thrive.
  • Science is upheld to its fullest integrity.


The future of research, testing and teaching for people and animals: