What we do & Why

What we do & Why

Who we are:

The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society is Aotearoa's primary non-profit organisation defending animals used in science. 

Our mission:

To end animal experimentation and the harmful use of animals for research, testing and teaching in Aotearoa - for animals, humans and science.

What we do:


  • Promote and encourage the use of scientifically viable and non-harmful research, testing and teaching methods
  • Lobby for legislative and systemic change
  • Collaborate with and encourages stakeholders to create positive change
  • Educate to create cultural and societal change

You can view our strategic plan for 2020 - 2021 here. This gives an overview of how we plan on achieving our mission. 

Our Core Beliefs

The work we do is based on the following beliefs:

  • Animals aren’t commodities; they are sentient and capable of a wide range of emotions including pain, fear and happiness. It is therefore morally wrong to exploit animals.
  • Research, testing and teaching should be species-specific. Due to their many differences, no species can be an accurate model for another. Animals can’t reliably predict the human response to drugs and disease.
  • Research, testing and teaching methods should always be non-harmful to both animals and humans. If a non-harmful and scientifically valid research, testing or teaching method doesn’t yet exist, work should be done to develop one rather than continuing to use a fundamentally flawed or cruel method.

NZAVS Values

The values that are reflected in all our work are:

  • Ethical practice: NZAVS strives to be as ethical as possible towards humans, animals and the environment. This means that we are culturally conscious and non-discriminatory, we are a vegan organisation and actively avoid purchasing products containing animal products and we are continuously improving our processes so that our practices are as environmentally friendly as they can be. We are committed to achieving our goals without contributing to the further marginalisation of any group, including tangata whenua, LGBTQIA+ and others.
  • Evidence-based: The work that we publish and promote will be based on valid evidence.
  • Non-violence: NZAVS only promotes non-violent actions and tactics. We do not condone violence or abuse of any kind, verbal or otherwise and we advocate respect for all beings, including humans.

Find out more about us here. 

Photo credit: Otago Daily Times.