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The Six-Foot Rats

The Six-Foot Rats

One of the main reasons animal experimentation is flawed and should end, is because we as humans do not respond the same way to drugs or other interventions as animals, including rats. We are just not six-foot-tall rats!

We want to spread this message far and wide, and where better to start than with our children? Children are our future, and if we can change their perceptions and break the current conventional cycle, the next generation will help us see animal experimentation become a dark story in a history book.

So, we have teamed up with Author and Illustrator Rebecca Gibbs and created the kids’ book Six-Foot Rats. The Six-Foot Rats tells the story of two lab rats who come to the realisation that they are being used as rats, to find treatments for humans – an entirely different species! How is that possible?! Humans are not six-foot-rats!

For the future of science and medical advancement, our goal is to have this book in all public and primary school libraries in New Zealand and change the course of history

 The Six-Foot Rats was written and illustrated by our very talented friend Rebecca Gibbs. We highly recommend going and checking out some of her other work!



We want to send the book to 2,106 libraries across NZ in total! It costs $10 for each book to appear in a library. That means we need $21,060 Help us get The Six-Foot Rats into public libraries and primary schools across NZ HERE

Miss Vale with 8-Year old Izzi after her class would read The Six-Foot Rats


A Christchurch primary school read the Six-Foot Rats in class and the response was powerful and could mark a change in history for animals in science. After primary school teacher Miss Vale read the book out to her class, her students had a discussion about animal experimentation. The children were all very engaged and spoke out about their anger that animals were hurt like that, for nothing.


8-Year old Izzi said:

“I want to save all rats and start an animal sanctuary with my Mum. It’s wrong to test on animals and it needs to stop.”

It was clear that children understand that it makes no sense to test on rats to find cures for humans. This is an important step towards creating a generation that supports a shift away from animal experimentation.


Miss Vale said:

The Six Foot Rats was an enjoyable and informational book that I read to my class. It teaches the importance of why testing on animals for beauty and medicinal purposes is inhumane and cruel as our species are both completely different. 

We are all really grateful that there are amazing organisations like NZAVS out there helping fight this fight for the poor animals that are affected by this.” 

The Six-Foot Rats is a must-read for all children in NZ if we want to see animal experimentation become a thing of the past.

Please consider making a donation today so that all kids can learn about the bizarre logic behind animal experimentation and help us create a future where science exists without suffering. 

Note: The total amount we need to raise is subject to change if we get schools returning our donation (this could happen for a number of reasons). 

Where can you buy The Six-Foot Rats?

You can purchase the book from our online shop HERE. 


Latest Reviews:

Suzy Cato (Suzy & Friends) released the above review on our book. 10-year-old Mila gives a full review and tells us what the book taught her. "I did learn that I now don't think I will buy any animal tested products," said Mila. Watch the full review via the link above!

“The Six-Foot Rats, with its delightful illustrations, introduces children to the important issue of animal testing without giving them nightmares. I highly recommend this imaginative and informative book.”- Jane Goodall, PhD, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace.

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