Uk Briefing on Why Animal Research Can't Be Trusted - Available in NZ

Uk Briefing on Why Animal Research Can't Be Trusted - Available in NZ

Published by Animal Aid, and written especially for members of the UK based Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), this brief makes the scientific case against the use of animals in biomedical research.

Animal Aid provided copies to all 136 members of the AMRC and NZAVS has stepped forward to provide copies to NZ researchers using animals in medical research.

We have printed copies of the briefing and started sending complimentary copies to researchers and facilities carrying out medical research on animals in New Zealand. The briefing presents the latest published evidence showing that animal models are not suitable for modelling human disease.

We hope that this briefing will encourage medical researchers using animal models to look critically at the assumptions their work is based on. It makes the core point that animal models do not reliably predict human responses.

Successful research needs to be based on a reliable model or else it leads to increased risk to humans and potentially life-saving treatments being discarded as they didn't work in the animal trials. The information we have sent draws attention to recent academic research that researchers focused on their work may not yet be aware of. While aimed at groups in the UK the information is just as vital for people working in the same field here in NZ. By making it available here we hope to help NZ researchers start to make the changes needed.

Andrew Tyler, Director of Animal Aid, and briefing author said:

"We are greatly encouraged that researchers in New Zealand are to be brought up to date on the latest scientific evidence in the case against vivisection. We very much hope that they will take the contents of our new briefing on board, and realise that vivisection belongs in the past. We are very grateful to NZAVS for ensuring this document reaches key people engaged in animal research in New Zealand."

Copies of the briefing are available online through both the Animal Aid and NZAVS websites. Researchers, representatives of research facilities and industry bodies in New Zealand wanting hard copies can request them at no charge from NZAVS.

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(Image by Animal Aid, sourced from the briefing.)   The full briefing can be read here.